Saturday, July 7, 2007

Interpol - Our Love To Admire

Interpol are fucking depressing miserable life-hating cunts who enjoy nothing better than causing a few thousand people to end it all every two or so years by unleashing a suicidally negative album into the world.

They're shit live too.

This is probably their best offering yet, but that's like saying that Michael Hutchence killed himself in a better way than, say, boring cunts who throw themselves under trains. So cliche. Give me an orange in my mouth and suspenders on my limply dangling legs anyday. Turn On The Bright Lights was good too. That album is like overdosing on cocaine and choking on your own vomit between a strippers thighs. Pretty awesome but done before by cooler people.

I sometimes struggle see the appeal, or even the point, of albums like this. There isn't anything exciting going on and there isn't anything original on it. I appreciate the artistic merit in a way that I do not appreciate the artistic merit of Damien Hirst fucking around or Banksy being a cunt again, but seriously, fuck off and hang out with vampires and stuff rather than try and bring down my lovely summers day with your night time suicide attempt soundtrack.

I derived no positive emotions or pleasure from this album, but then again, I like albums by The Paper Chase, so that's not really a bad thing. I must sound fucking ScHiTzO, slagging this shit off then giving it a good mark, but yeah...

It's depressing and boring and miserable and stuff but it's not bad. It's their best album. They need to change a little bit before they bother releasing another one though. Otherwise they'll find their next album getting Z/10. They avoided it this time out because some tracks show some stretching. By some tracks, I mean The Lighthouse.

I should start giving albums either 0/10 or 11/10 because making my mind up is hard.


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