Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Holloways - So This Is Great Britain?

So this is the sound of a bunch of talentless chancers picking up some instruments and singing some puns about STDs? Yes, I'm afraid that is pretty much it. In fact, to be honest, I can't believe this CD exists. There isn't a single redeeming feature about it except for the weather forecast on the cover which is just as good as the Met Office one. The first track is a laughable attempt at God knows what. The fact that you know it's fallen flat on its face and failed miserably despite not even knowing what it was aiming to do is indicative of the quality of music on offer on this record.

This is the sound of Pete Doherty taking a shit then sticking a tin whistle up his arse and farting, recorded on a broken four-track and mixed by clinically insane four year olds.

Seriously, I listened to this abortion of a record twice. Once because I had to and once in a futile attempt to find anything good on it. Most of the crappy sub-Libertines albums that have been released (note to Holloways - mostly about three years ago)
had at least one or two goodish songs on them. If The Others, The Paddingtons and even Thee Fucking Unstrung could manage one or two passable songs, why can't The Holloways?

The answer to this question, I'm afraid, is that they are inestimably shit.


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